Ruby Simms
Biographical information
Status Deceased
Cause of death Suicide by cop
Nickname(s) "Rikki"
Occupation Assassin
Affiliations OSELA
Alias(es) Ruby Simms
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye Color Brown
Marital status Single
Romantic interests Harrison Walters (lover)
Michael Banks
Acquaintances Rose Offer
Enemies Anna Stone
Bob Offer
Show information
Portrayed by Daniella Pineda
First appearance Gone Elvis
Last appearance Gingerbread
Seasons 1
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Ruby Simms (born Erica "Rikki" Castillo) was an assassin for OSELA who introduced herself as a freelance reporter to Harrison Walters and the people in his life, and worked closely with Michael Banks.

She is a main character in American Odyssey and portrayed by Danielle Pineda.



Physical appearanceEdit


Ruby introduced herself to Harrison Walters and his friends as a freelance reporter, and then began a friendship with Harrison in order to get close to him and know what he was doing. Almost instantly, she became enemies and maintained a strained relationship with Bob Offer, whom she threatened into not revealing the email or else she'd harm his mother; Ruby did, however, form a pleasant relationship with Rose, and introduced herself to the woman as Bob's friend. Harrison's then girlfriend, Anna Stone, neither favored nor believed Ruby and wanted Harrison to stay away from her.

One of the tasks Ruby was given consisted of killing Harrison's father, Randall Walters, so she staged the event like a love affair gone wrong and comforted Harrison through his trying time, after he and Anna broke up.

Later, Ruby's relationship with Harrison developed into a romantic relationship, wherein they slept together.

Throughout her time in Harrison's life, Ruby pursued Michael Banks, her boss, here and there, who wanted her to kill Harrison and grew upset when Ruby defended him and continued to put off the task.

Known victimsEdit