Harrison Walters
Season 1 Harrison Walters
Biographical information
Status Alive
Occupation Political activist
Affiliations G8 Protest
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Marital status Single
Relatives Randall Walters (father)
Mrs. Walters (mother)
Friends Bob Offer
Romantic interests Anna Stone (ex-girlfriend)

Ruby Simms (girlfriend-deceased)

Acquaintances Ruby Simms
Enemies Col. Stephen Glen
Show information
Portrayed by Jake Robinson
First appearance Gone Elvis
Seasons 1
No. of episodes 13
Gallery Quotes
Harrison Walters is a political activist who becomes involved in the conspiracy after he meets hacker Bob Offer, who claims to have unearthed a massive cover-up involving the military. Harrison is portrayed by Jake Robinson and a main character on American Odyssey.

Harrison's father was Randall Walters, a well-known journalist.



Physical appearanceEdit


Randall Walters was Harrison's father, they had been on bad terms until Harrison brought Randall a lead on the conspiracy, which lead to Randall being killed after talking to a source who could help with their investigation.

After Randall's death Harrison found out his father had been having an affair and was clear shocked which lead to him becoming angry at his father.

Later Harrison found out that his father had been killed not by his mistress, but because he had gotten to close to finding out a part of the conspiracy, this lead to a feeling of guilt as it had been Harrison who gave his father the lead.

Mrs. Walters was Harrison's mother