Gone Elvis
Season 1, Episode 1
01x01 Sgt Odelle Ballard
Episode information
Air date 5 April, 2015
Written by Adam Armus
Kay Foster
Peter Horton
Directed by Peter Horton
U.S. viewers (million) 5.37[1]
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"Gone Elvis" is the first episode of the first season and the first episode of the series overall. It premiered 5 April, 2015.


Odelle Ballard is betrayed. Peter Decker learns disturbing information about SOC, the company he works for. Harrison Walters gets close to Ruby Simms, who isn't what she seems; meanwhile, Bob Offer unravels some disturbing news about the government, who is trying to keep everything under wraps.



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  • Decker HomeScarsdale, New York
  • Randall Walters is Harrison's father.
  • Harrison grew up on Manhattan's Upper East Side. He is the G8 Protest organizer.
  • Al Qaeda leader Abdul Abbas was killed in Mali, North Africa by Task Force 24.
  • The news ticker read: In Afghanistan last year, Abbas, like Osama Bin Laden, to be buried at sea. Twelve Al Qaeda dead in addition to Abbas in attack on compound.
  • The G8 Protest occurred in Lower Manhattan.
  • Harrison met Bob Offer during the "Occupy" movement.
  • Bayer HomeAyer, Massachusetts
  • Harrison's father is a well-known writer.
  • Bob lives with his mom and is fond of Harrison.
  • Task Force 24 was killed by the Islamic extremist group Ansar Dine. Though unknown to the States, Odelle Ballard is the only survivor.
  • The Decker children were recently placed in private school.
  • Aslam is reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. "Aslam" means "peace".
  • Odelle's daughter thought the Dementors were scary. Aslam thinks the Dementors are funny.
  • The Ansar Dine are targeting the Americans — "fourteen fighers".
  • Bob hacked into Odelle's account using "" and "eaglepride24".
  • OSELA uniforms are black.
  • Odelle has read all of the Harry Potter books. Aslam has read the same one many times.
  • Aslam was supposed to sell Odelle to the Ansar Dine, but his father was captured by OSELA, so he decided to let Odelle go; however, she convinced Aslam to take her with him, so he decides to sell her to the Ansar Dine again.
  • Ruby claimed to work for TIME Magazine, but she doesn't; Ruby and Bob seem to have a past together, and see each other at the park. Harrison can neither find nor get in touch with Bob when he is supposed to meet him, and he learns Ruby lied about being a reporter.


  • Mali is actually in West Africa, not North Africa.





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